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An Established Provo Law Firm

Ivie & Young was founded in 1950 when Judge Dallas H. Young, Ray H. Ivie, Dallas H. Young, Jr., and Judge Allen B. Sorensen opened a general litigation firm in Provo, Utah.

The firm now practices in all courts of the State of Utah, and members of the firm are also licensed in Colorado, Nevada and Oregon. The firm's diversity is based on the differing backgrounds of its members, including diverse social and educational experiences.

The success of Ivie & Young is founded on the principle of client satisfaction. Our Provo law firm has purposely chosen to remain small to avoid the problems of many larger firms whose new associates are expected to produce "billable hours" regardless of the client's needs.

Our goal is to establish long term attorney-client relationships founded on trust and mutual respect. We are proud that our firm has been built by a long standing clientele and referrals from those we have served through the years.

Why Retain a Utah County Attorney?

There are several strong reasons to engage a Provo law firm. Each is a distinct advantage to our clients.

First, we know the judges in Central and Southern Utah, and the other areas where we practice. And they know us. No, we don't advocate - or receive - special treatment from judges. Utah County attorneys practice before them daily, however. We know their likes and their dislikes. We know their track records. We know their rulings.

Likewise, we understand the juries here. We live here. We grew up here. We know the mood and mind-set of juries here.

Our knowledge of judges and juries can be a critical advantage for our clients.

Second, we have lower overhead. That means we charge lower rates. Ours is a small firm that simply does not have the "billable hours" mentality which is an unfortunate reality of many large law firms.

We are highly-proficient attorneys who do not need huge numbers of billable hours to keep a large firm afloat. Your case won't be the food of a "billable hours" feeding frenzy.

Third, Provo is no longer a bedroom community to Salt Lake City. Ours is a vibrant, thriving area with its own major industries, and a personality that is quite apart from Salt Lake City.

The difference in winning or losing a case often has to do with the attorney understanding the pulse and subtleties of the area where he or she practices.

We do.