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If you have been injured due to the fault of someone else, you need to be focused on making medical decisions with your health care providers, and not making legal decisions. When you retain our firm, we will deal with the legal wrangling so you can focus on working with your medical providers. Before you make any legal decisions, contact our office to discuss your rights with and experienced Provo Lawyer. Let us handle the legal issues so you can focus on healing. Divorce is a traumatic and life-shattering experience. The process is not easy. Significant changes in the divorce process have occurred in Utah County over the last six or seven years. Generally better results can be obtained in the mediation process, whether for a divorce or a modification, when you have an experienced attorney standing by you. Ivie and Young has been rated among the 11 best in the state by U.S. News & World report. After the troubles in real estate it has become even more important to have a Utah County lawyer who has over time represented clients in trial courts, before the Utah Court of Appeals, and before the Utah Supreme Court. Important issues include foreclosure, mechanic's or materialmen's liens, defense of title to land, and disputes over boundaries. This firm has addressed all of those issues in all of the above courts. Whether you need simple documents drafted or have found yourself involved in a dispute over a contract, you should consult an attorney. Whether you are dealing with a dispute over a contract involving real estate, real property, employment, insurance, landlord/tenant, or commercial contracts, our Utah attorneys are up to the task to help you solve the problem. Contact us today.
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"Brent Dallas Young represented me in my very complex and difficult divorce. Brent stood by me, and was always fair, reasonable, and prepared. My relationship with my children is very good because of his excellent advice."
Ron Marsden
Aerospace Engineer
"A good friend knew about the very difficult divorce I was going through. He and two other people gave me the names of three law firms. Ivie & Young was the only one on all three of those lists. If you need an attorney who is fair and understands all of the angles, there is no better choice than Brent Young."
Drew Armstrong
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